A giant pair of hands lift up DaNang’s Golden Bridge into the sky

Da Nang is famous for many beautiful sights, natural landscapes attracting thousands of visitors around the world. Da Nang’s not only well-known beautiful beaches but also famous for impressive destinations such as the Ba Na Hills resorts, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain , the Dragon Bridge, Son Tra peninsula and lots of delicious food. Expecially, the most attracted place in Da Nang is The Golden Bridge.


The Golden Bridge has attracted many visitors since its opening in early June in 2018 . A giant pair of hands lifts up this golden bridge into the sky at Thien Thai garden on Ba Na Hills in Da Nang city.

With special designing and gorgeous beauty, the Golden Bridge is well known all over the world. This is the greatest place in Da Nang.


Golden Bridge, Da Nang - Seeing sunrise on the Golden Bridge - @bymashpop
Seeing sunrise on the Golden Bridge – @bymashpop

The Golden Bridge is suspended 1,400 metre above sea level, including 8 spans with a length of nearly 150-metre long. Looking overhead, the bridge looks like a long golden silk hidding in the clouds into sky. That makes the bridge more exciting and sparkling.

Situated in the midst of the forest, among the vastly green trees, the bridge is colored with golden to make itself more iridescent, more featured. Expecially, the bridge is lifted by two grey hands like ” giant hands of God” rising from the earth.  That make Golden Bridge more wonderful.


Golden Bridge, Da Nang - the hydrangea flower garden next to the Golden Bridge @Bysarahannabella
The hydrangea flower garden next to the Golden Bridge @Bysarahannabella

The bridge also creates an effect like all visitors are walking on the clouds. This provides for visitor the unfogetable experiences and golden bridge has already become a major destination for many tourists from around the world.

” I feel like i’m walking on the clouds”, a visitor from HCM city said.


Golden Bridge, Da Nang - Golden Bridge hides into sky @ByThuyPham
Golden Bridge hides into sky @ByThuyPham


Walking on the Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills is a wonderful experience. Standing on the bridge, visitors can see the whole Da Nang city hidden in the clouds, the vastly forests. In particular, visitors will have more fascinated with the magical beauty of the Golden Bridge in the sunrise or lost in the Wonderland when the sunset.


 Golden Bridge, Da Nang - Lost in the Wonderland on the Golden Bridge @Bylolahubner
Lost in the Wonderland on the Golden Bridge @Bylolahubner


Da Nang Golden Bridge is also famous on many other foreign websites. “The Golden Bridge is an amazing masterpiece built in Da Nang, Viet Nam. The bridge offers visitors a wonderful experience like crossing paradise. ” Posted on July 7, Creapills Decription.

This is a remarkable architecture, it’s considered to be the newest and the most beautiful bridge in the world.